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ASTROLOGY - August 2016

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While unexpected or sudden change is not your favourite experience, this month shall see you accumulate so much sameness, so much predictability and, though it may not have felt that way, stability, that you seem to have forgotten how to change. Now, for the month ahead your financial and sexual life shall come to the fore. Things are favoured, especially where a relationship enters the picture. Periods of frustration in these zones ends this month. Others treat you with affection, even in business. Seek new relationships. Your love life and professional life is likely to get a better boost this month. For the days ahead, changes, sexual commitments, mortgage-sharing, investments are favoured. Luck is on its way. Friends might lure but beware of entanglements. Focus on your career goals. This month you will ride more lightly on your shoulders. New and old contacts will further your career prospects. Old career wishes will come true, new career goals will be formed. Your social life will dim a little, yet you'll meet love at ease. 



Dream on something now, and it might come true, Pisces. Your optimism, social side, and ability to love life, rise powerfully this month. This period also brings a brief cloud of weariness. Deal with your spiritual side on a better note this time of the year. Your energy is low for the month ahead, hence rest, sleep, contemplate, avoid competitive situations. You''ll get a bit of relief as the month progresses, when tasks are a little lighter, your charisma increases mildly. Your intuition's great these days, Your energy, charisma and effectiveness continue to soar this month as it moves on. Your income will tighten or expenses grow. Be realistic and careful with your financial moves. On the plus side, your career, prestige and status can change in good ways. Use your personal charm to chase money this month. Your career world remains a minefield through August with temperamental bosses and peer pressure. Be diplomatic and careful with all your professional moves. The month brings travel and more travel.



Romantic and social relationships are apt to be in a state of change now for you now, Aries. Respond to the challenges and establish new directions, or dissatisfaction will grow in your relationships area. Making important financial decisions under pressure is unwise at any time, but especially this month. There are all kinds of wealth and riches lurking in the midst of the current darkness in your life. This season is so contrary to the nature of your sign. Yet you carry the light within you, and as a result can illuminate the world around you. Do reciprocate love as it come s your way As you've just learned, a political solution is much easier than one involving conflict or force, particularly if you're fighting yourself. The thing with political means is that they often involve compromise, and that which you''re most likely to compromise with. Gradually, there are fewer external factors influencing your relationships. For a while there, it would seem like you could do nothing, say nothing, choose nothing, that does not directly involve checking in with the reality of another person in your life. 



Please pause and take in the vista of your life, Taurus. Make a point of it perhaps devote this entire month to the purpose, travelling far enough from your usual routine to be able to see and feel your experience of being consciously alive. You have a rare perspective like none other. This is your month to learn about children, and taking care of them. Children are in one respect the forgotten people of the world, and in another, they are the pawns of the system. You have the best interests, go an and get into action. Your goals stand in stark contrast to the goals of others now. Adjustments and compromises must be made in the interests of harmony. Failure to take such steps can increase tensions between you and others especially those closest to you. Now is the time to take a broader perspective of life around you. There are many ways to handle or not handle the question of relationship, and it would appear these days that quite a few people attempt to cloister themselves away and cut off all contact with you. There are many reasons for this, and most of all is your attitude towards others.



Many people are waking up to the reality of sexual healing and you are no exception to this. Spiritual, psychological and emotional methods of self-help are important, but for quite a few people the sexual realm is one that needs special attention. There would appear to be something about yourself that you're in the process of shedding or rejecting. The energy of starting anew is being shouted from the rooftops of your life, and you've embarked on a mystical journey with incredible determination. This is not the apt time you pursue a relationship situation; let it find you. This may take an extraordinary act of faith on your part and it's not the act of faith you think it is. While you''re the one doing the seeking, you can convince yourself that you are not the only one in the race. This is a time for taking stock, or doing what is intended to be done already in your life. Stars this month point to a kind of final test for conventional wisdom. 



This month you have no room for wondering what might have been, and can indulge the enormous blessing of wondering what will come. Embrace the changes that are arriving in your life; they are long overdue. Learning means becoming for you. To really assimilate information or experience, we must digest it like food, and absorb it into our entire reality. It's clear that you've been repeatedly getting stuck on something, and that your process of digesting really is getting bad these days. Gradually, there are fewer external factors influencing your relationships, particularly for the month ahead. Now is the freedom to feel. We may do what we wish, move about the face of the planet, say what we want and refuse to do what we think is immoral. But none of these actions comes close to the freedom to feel you have in yourself of late. If you tune in you would be the winner. You haven''t suffered any permanent loss of power of late. Recent months may have been confusing or chaotic, particularly in the sphere of close relationships, though it's been a time of gathering your energies and exploring the limits of balance. 



Slowly, as the month progress, you forge an identity out of the chaos of your psychology and the confusion of your past. Often, you do this through exploring polarities, for example, in your relationships. You know the act of balancing and hence this month would be a balanced lot. Do not be too finicky about matters around you. There is a lot to do than lying around and idling away your time. Make sure you put in lots of hard work and effort. Please pause and take in the vista of your life for this month. Make a point of it; perhaps devote an entire month to the purpose, travelling far enough from your usual routine to be able to see and feel your experience of being consciously alive. You have an undying spirit for the same. Looking closely at the relationships of this world, one thing has become abundantly clear, much of what we call love is really guilt. Much of what we call devotion is really obligation. Much of what we call desire is really obsession. The guilt that you are currently having is more of an eye-sore for you. 



A need to be the centre of attention takes hold in your life now, particularly this month. There is a craving to give and to be appreciated for your gifts. This can be an expansive, creative, and even romantic phase, a time you'll look back on with pride. Don't start new income or spending ventures, and do not invest before the month ends. What you buy now you won't want soon. Instead, let money flow to you from past efforts. The month ahead brings great fortune in money and perhaps a higher income. Communications are pleasant, so are siblings in your life this month. Legal career related matters might be driving you a little crazy in this month. You are in a wait period and so don't push them before the month-end . The month ahead boosts your success. Wisdom and compassion arrive in your life this month. You can succeed with career and education in this month, but don't start anything brand new before the end of the month. The whole month ahead immensely favours you in security, and financial deals. 



Romance and love is in the air as the month moves on a positive note ahead. So have pleasure, spend time with children and plan a good vacation for a weekends. You''re on a winning streak, and it''s going to last for a year. Be alert and see the big picture. Your energy, charisma and luck continue to skyrocket this month. Well, almost new people and ventures will circle futilely. So stick with old projects, old friends/lovers, and you would be appreciated for your sincerity. A property you yearned for in the past might now come under your control .You might grow a little less assertive and decisive now through the month, but that's only because you''re gathering your strength inward for a bigger push forward. Do not let yourself grow frustrated, let your instinct drive you. Slog away and rewards are just round the corner. Anything you do that reminds you how much you already have will serve to enhance your sense of prosperity and good fortune in this month.



Let your planets guide you to new opportunities now into late August. Seize them sooner rather than later. Don't be too security-conscious now and don't let security prevent you from venturing toward unknown horizons. Relocation is lucky this month. You grow indecisive about an indecisive matter for the month ahead. Your real luck and progress lies in making a commitment, entering the deepest part of anything. Do what gives pleasure for now. Do not worry about retirement, but do plunge into investments. Your hopes rise this month and life glows with freshness as the month proceeds. Be friendly with those around, there would be plenty of opportunity for flirting. The month could bring a happy work mate connected to the past. Retreat, rest, plan. Lie low, rest, avoid competitive situations for the month ahead. Your spiritual, contemplative side flows deeply and sweetly, now through the month . You''ll illuminate and dissolve old fears and emotional limitations. You''ll benefit from institutions, governmental offices. 



Optimism, love of life, flirtations and social delights pour into your life now through late August. Don't waste this time by slaving away at your career, by withdrawing into private, spiritual, creative or romantic pursuits. This month will show you who you are. Relationships fill your life. Be co-operative, diplomatic, seek to merge. See opportunities. Be sure to sidestep opposition. The month ahead will reward the natives who relate and give nothing to those who seek independence, withdrawal or dominance. Your charisma and energy surge nicely this month and lasts for quite sometime. Money problems surface around the middle of the month. The obstacles you encounter have a hidden message for your future. Build net worth, invest, act for the long-term. Wisdom, learning, far travel, social rituals, these bless you through the month. But you have to wait and watch when it comes to career related moves. You could meet frustrations in some areas mid month - or in paperwork, communications, or scheduling. 



The month ahead features superb career luck. Mid-month could bring you a choice between home on one hand, and career on the other. Bend yourself for your ambitions to materialise. But don't make your final choice of which ambition until the end of the month. Tackle ambitious career projects with much care this month ahead . Relations with elders and authorities shall go on well. Avoid power struggles in your work place. You impress people early this month and use it to make money. Social trips shall fill most of the month ahead. Continue to pursue your goals in life, something better is in store for you this month. You could be on the verge of a huge new world. You would be lonely and frustrated now - the frustration comes from not accepting what is in life. Break your bonds for now. Relationships and the idea of relationships have never been more important to you than this month. Your human encounters are changing fast, as is your whole orientation on the idea of a human encounter. But underneath this is a total renovation of who you are.

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